Vision – Mission – Goals …

Dreams and desires are only wishes unless we put a plan in place.

Knowing what we want is only fun in our head and can only reach our hand

if we plan and act on a step-by-step path to reach the end we desire.

Deciding is not deciding unless we take the steps of

setting the goals of progress and act on the plan.

I can choose to Wait or Win – one or the other will happen

I choose to Win by setting the goals and taking the steps.

Wisdom reminds me to choose my path and trust my steps to be ordered.


Mindset –

Referring to my thought process and

the choice I have to focus my mind where I decide.

Wisdom teaches me to focus on the good rather than the bad,

focus on the positive rather than the negative,

focus on the pure rather than the polluted… because –

the result is a heart and life filled with the same.

Focus begets Function… where I direct my gaze will determine the value of the service I offer to others.

me < We… me is less than We.

Wisdom reminds me that I must subordinate ‘me’ to We in order to

achieve any goal.

I must lift my eyes beyond myself in order to

see and serve anyone else.

To agree to join with another and seek together

expands the step and reach of one.

Wisdom reminds me that a multi-strand cord is not easily broken.

Life and Love are not about me but rather We.

I had two growing up

Teacher Doug Buuke and Uncle Bob.

They stand out in my mind because they treated me based on value and

not status (as a subordinate) – not as I was – an immature child.

Those rare gems stand out in our minds because they lift us and encourage us.

How many people will we touch today –

                                    either with a hard face or

                                                            an uplifting smile and a kind word?

Let’s remember our blessings and to ”pass the bless”.

Wisdom teaches me to influence others for good by

                                             doing good unto them…  regardless of ‘details’.

Dig it!

That old phrase is a funny way to remind ourselves that we must make an effort

if we are to discover and claim real treasure.

Wisdom reminds us that the ‘treasure’ of wisdom and understanding do not fall into our laps –

we must sincerely seek and then, yes, we will find.

100,000 – 99,991 words…

Over 3 years I likely spoke 100,000 words to one person of my team…

a young man with great potential.

He later stated to me that of all I ever told him, one thing stood out in his memory – 9 words…

You can not lead until you learn to follow.”

Ego and pride tend to reduce our effectiveness and mire us down in a mess.

I hope I can remember that I cannot even imagine how much I do not know –

let’s stay teachable because unless we recognize our need to follow,

we cannot lead anyone else toward any good.

Wisdom reminds me to carefully choose who I follow – because I lead.

I Do and I Don’t…

I do care for people and I don’t care who they are.

Now, I confess, I care for some easier than others and in fact

sometimes I need God’s help to care for some – but,

He expects, and indeed helps, me to do so.

Caring for others is fundamental to any relationship and

any opportunity to serve or lead others.

Before you can serve or lead someone – they Will ask… do you care?