Worth and Use.  Wisdom teaches me the distinction between these measurements.


Usefull or useless – or rather ‘usable’ and fit for use in a specific way is a variable we can choose to pursue.

Inside the space shuttle or a surgical suite, my use would be ‘less’… in a different role, hopefully my use would be more or even full.

I work toward being – use.more and use.full – in regards to serving others and in the areas of my given talents and strengths.


Worth – a valuation of Love which always originates with the giver.

All people have worth and value that is measured on a Divine scale.

Regardless of our choices that defy love, the Almighty loves people with the true ‘unconditional’ love in which every soul longs.


I am grateful for a value of love that is measured by the Lover and not by my use.full.ness.